Through diversity we change business for the better and this way we build open and friendly world.

As you start your DE&I Journey and contemplate where to begin, consider exploring our solution: the DE&I Overview. This comprehensive approach involves mapping areas within your company that require attention and constructing a roadmap. It provides clarity on where to initiate, ensuring a well-guided path toward your DE&I objectives.

Ensure a unified foundation across your organization through essential components such as:
– DE&I introductory sessions,
– Unconscious bias training,
– Inclusive communication training and auditing.

For those organisations, which are already immersed in the DE&I journey, explore targeted solutions in key areas:

– Inter-generational cooperation,
– Inter-cultural communication,
– LGBTQ+ Allyship,
– Gender equity,
– Antiracist sessions,
– Antidiscrimination policies,
– Neurodiversity – NEW, cutting-edge proposition!

To foster enduring DE&I integration within your business and have intersectional approach, our extended support includes:

– DE&I sessions/coaching for HR, optimizing the employee life cycle for equity and inclusivity,
– Planning processes for DE&I teams,
– Coaching for DE&I officers,
– Crafting a compelling business case with Management Boards,
– DE&I sessions tailored for leaders,
– Comprehensive support for Employee Resource Groups (ERG) / Employee Networks,
– The pivotal element: developing a DE&I strategy and implementing KPIs as needed.

If you are interested in a data-driven approach to explore your employees’ perspectives, we offer DE&I Scanning, which brings numbers into the picture and allows for adjustments to solutions based on the current situation in your organization.

– Choose from our flexible delivery formats:
– On-site trainings,
– Virtual sessions,
– Webinars,
– Keynote speeches,
– Large-scale events,
– Design thinking sessions,
– World cafe and openspace.

Explore our expertise seamlessly integrated with our overall offerings and schedule a conversation with us through our Calendly link.
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