Recordings 2023
DAY #1

What’s on the D&I Menu

Crafting a Flavorful D&I Strategy: The Balanced Diet for Inclusion.

Spicing Up Diversity & Inclusion: Local Flavors on the Menu.
Addressing Regional Challenges in the D&I Strategy

A Taste of D&I Research Findings: Diversity IN Check vs. Diversity Charter Research

Unlocking the Secrets of a Flavorful D&I Recipe: Crafting Effective DEI Actions

The Art of Culinary Inclusion: Crafting a Wellbeing-Infused DEI Recipe

Cooking Up Change: Exploring Unspoken D&I Topics, such as Women’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Flavors of Inclusion: Showcasing Exceptional D&I Projects to Foster Diversity in STEM

No Time for Lunch: Balancing D&I in a Busy Workday

No Appetite for D&I : Navigating D&I Burnout, Demotivation and Fatigue

Not My Menu: Navigating Resistance to D&I Values

From Zoom to Room: Addressing the Challenges of Commitment and Resistance Through the Transition from Virtual to In-Person

Expert Insights for Navigating Three Important Workplace Challenges – Microaggressions, Supporting an Excluded Team Member, and Mental Health Crisis

How to React to Microaggressions Within Your Team

How to Support an Excluded / Not Accepted Team Member

Mental Health Crisis – How Managers Can Support Employees in Crisis

Expert Insights for Navigating Three Important Workplace Challenges – Successful Onboarding, Inclusive Language, and Recognizing Every Voice in Your Team

Integrating New Team Members: A Guide to Successful Onboarding In Your Team

Creating a Culture of Inclusivity: Making Sure Everyone In Your Team is Heard

How to Foster Inclusiveness in Your Team Through Clear and Inclusive Leadership Language

DAY #2

The Table of Diversity: Who’s Included? For Whom Do We Cook?

Nurturing a Sense of Belonging: Keys to an Inclusive Table.

Inviting the Uninvited: Extending a Welcome to Overlooked Guests.

Internal Communication Strategies for D&I Success: Key Recommendations.

From Challenges to Opportunities: Disability Inclusion – Breaking the Barriers.

Cooking Up Inclusivity: Fostering a Welcoming Workplace for Transgender Employees.

Unlocking Potential: Strategies for Neurodiversity Inclusion in the Workplace.

D&I Cooking Class: How To Start Creating a Neuroinclusive Working Environment.

Intercompany Learning: Exploring Cross-Company D&I Mentoring—Rules, Process, and Experiences.

Unlocking Potential: Building High-Impact ERGs.

ERGs Award Ceremony: Spotlighting D&I Networks – Recognition and Appreciation.

ERGs AWARD – A Closer Look at Our Award-Winning Project. Beyond Company Walls: Kraków’s Journey in Creating a D&I-Friendly Environment

Beyond Company Walls: Kraków’s Journey in Creating a D&I-Friendly Environment

Expert Insights for Navigating Important Workplace Challenges: The 3C Approach – Comfort, Contribution, and Connection for a Stronger Sense of Belonging.

Psychological Safety in Your Team.

Building Bonds with Colleagues.

Navigating Team Dynamics: Effective Feedback, Appreciation and Recognizing Contributions.